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LTE & MFD Construction

LTE construction uses ultralight full wood cores combined with carbon fibre for weight saving and natural flax fibre for vibration absorption, creating incredibly lightweight yet super damp and stable skis. LTE skis come with oversized bamboo sidewalls and extra thick base and edge. 


MFD construction uses poplar, beech and bamboo full wood cores with a combination of fibreglass, carbon fibre and natural flax fibre to create an ultra stable downhill performance ski that is still lively and playful. MFD skis come with oversized bamboo sidewalls and extra thick base and edge.


Our material choices reflect our desire to create skis with as little environmental impact as possible without sacrificing performance. Ski manufacturing is a non reversible process and once you are done with your skis all the used raw materials become waste.  


Creating skis that greatly outlast mass produced skis is the easiest way to reduce our personal footprint. We create long lasting skis by simply choosing stronger, more durable materials so that during the course of a skiers life less raw materials are used and fewer pairs of skis land up in landfills.


Our materials are the cleanest available in their categories and produce the least amount of harmful waste byproducts. This pairing of hard wearing materials, bio resins and natural reinforced composites allow us to offer an “eco friendlier” ski. Ski building is a dirty business, but we work to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

All of our  cores are FSC certified, ensuring responsible forestry practices as well as encouraging socially beneficial and economically viable practices in local communities.
Oversized super hard bamboo side walls offer extra protection from rock strikes and edge tear out, are FSC certified, and are a completely sustainable alternative to plastic sidewalls.
A super thick, hardened steel edge reduces the chance of cracking and facilitates more base grinds and services, extending the life of your skis.
Carbon fibre with its incredible strength-to-weight ratio allows us to create lively and lightweight skis.
Flax fibre has incredibly high natural dampening properties, complementing carbon fibre and creating solid and vibration-free lightweight skis. It is completely natural, produces three times less greenhouse gas than traditional composites and is grown locally in France and Belgium.
Only bio based epoxy resins  which create 33 percent less greenhouse gases compared to petroleum-based epoxies are used in our skis. 
We choose ultra thick, super fast race base. Black due to it's high graphite content, it is faster and considerably more durable than clear or colored bases and prolongs the life of the ski. Function over fashion.
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